Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grand Finale...

This was the last shoot of the 2010 Wedding season! Now don't get me wrong We have plenty more weddings, prego pics, and little one's to shoot before the year is up but it just won't be quite as crazy. The old carpel tunnel arm has held out for another season and we've ended on what I think is a great note. People often ask: "When is wedding season?" In a sense the answer is all year but the shooting five days a week won't kick back up till the snow (Which thank God hasn't come yet) has melted. 

Now ironically the last shoot of the "season" was on the beach. Not your normal place to shoot the tip of November engagement pics but I think the off-time is just when you want to take pics at a place like that. I joke that it's in that time of year you won't have old men jelly bellies lingering in the back of your pics. There's only so much I can edit out people! (:
For real though, an almost abandoned beach is surreal. And without the distractions and chaos of thousands of people the city and my couple really pop. 
Lovin' the beach...Lovin' my couple. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

What's "UP"...?

What's "Up?" Well, for one, it's the Disney movie that has deep meaning for today's couple David & Maggie; but it also was our inspiration for our photoshoot. Considering I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday I knew I had to brush up on our movie inspiration. After hours of research, many post-it notes of ideas, and prop hunting we were ready. Well...So I thought. I don't think I could have every prepared for how crazy-awesome this shoot turned out to be. I dream of days like these.  Pretty sure my couple is hiding their secret modeling career because there really wasn't a bad shot in the bunch. Even more beautiful than the weather that day, or even my couple, was and is Dave & Maggie's hearts. After my first few pictures Maggie started to tear up. She told me that David was telling her scripture of how he knows he loves her. This couple is obviously captivated with one another but even more so with the Lord. Which in the end, is both this couple and my inspiration. 
So I've have had this idea/vision in my head for what type of retro/vintage look I've been wanting to capture for probably a year now and I finally just sat down with photoshop to figure it out. Granted it took me 6 hours to finally get what I was after but it was worth every second because I think it made our pics all the more fun. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

After The Fact...

Let me start off by saying I love taking pictures...But even more than that I love the process afterwards. As I begin to work on the thousands of images from the greatest day in someone's life I notice so many things that I hadn't the day of the wedding, probably because I was so immersed in the moment. And if that's happening to me, I know it's happening to my bride and groom. So as I work on the pictures after the wedding I get excited. For one, I just know there's going to be moments that the bride & groom couldn't have fully grasped and I'm in a very real sense bringing that time back to life. This may sound funny, but I didn't realize the bride Angela teared up coming down the aisle until I was editing. That moment took on a whole new meaning for me. And I'm just the photographer! (: Just imagine all the little moments of the wedding that they might not have fully gotten to see or participate in that will have new meaning upon seeing the pictures. Very cool thought. The other reason I get so excited after the wedding is I often times don't realize till after the fact is just how much I care for my bride & groom. I have spent hours and hours both in the little and in the big moments with Jay & Angela and I genuinely care for them. I can only hope that these little tangible reminders we call pictures will bring them great joy. 
They deserve it. 
Congrats guys. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Have a Roll in The Hay.

I first met the future bride Lindsay just steps from this very spot. I was her youth group leader ever since she was what? 13 or 14? at a church that literally bumps up ironically to my favorite photo spot.  So considering I've spent years trying to keep the boys away from her (Not too successfully she's cute as a button) it was a bit weird at first for me to encourage her to be Lindsay. Linds has always been super affectionate, bubbly, and boy-crazy if you will,  buuuuuuuuut I got over it pretty quick because those things were finally with the right guy. It still was a bit weird to ask for them to go have a roll in the hay. (: 
And by hay I mean the sharpest, most painful spot ever. And what do they do? Curl up...act adorable...laugh...and rock out pictures like this. Truly though, because I have such a history with the bride I could feel comfortable saying: "Now don't hate me buutttt I have an idea." It also helps that the future groom, Mike, is an absolute sweet-heart and got into the pics just as much as us girls did. 
This wedding is going to be a piece of cake! (:
 Ha, sorry I had to! But for real, it's going to be sweet!! Okay, I'm done with puns.
 Thankfully, I'm not done with the wedding yet because it gives me something to look forward to for the next year.  So happy for you Linds! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yesterday Europe Today Brazil...

I love how yesterday I felt like I was in europe with ivy covered walls and today I felt like I was in Brazil. Okay...Maybe not quite brazil but at least Tennessee. (: 
I shot at this location just a couple months ago but it didn't capture me till this second time around. Though gorgeous, I think...actually...I know it had everything to do with my couple. From lounging under trees kissed with red & yellow leaves to literally jumping the safety fences to sit inches away from waterfalls. I got more and more excited to shoot.  For those who've shot with me before you know I have bazaar lingo and I talk to myself quite a lot; but with a huge waterfall you wouldn't have been able to hear what I was saying anyhow (Even if it was just to myself). So to enlighten you on what you missed here it is. "This is sick...Ridiculous....I am not in Illinois right now... So freaking glad they jumped that fence...and I'm so stinkin' stoked to look at this set...This is awesome!" 
Now you're informed of my crazy ways. (: 
Can't wait for the wedding.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black & Blue...

When I dream about the day I finally get to shoot a wedding in Europe I always envision hidden nooks with colorful doors or stone walls covered in ivy. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot an event in europe yet but a close second for me is the Botanic Garden. With the english walled garden, the rose garden, shoot they even have a japanese garden it's hard to not feel like you were transported to a different place. So though it was not much more than an hour I felt even for a moment an eternity away from reality. Who wouldn't want to capture that? Isn't that why we take pictures on vacation? 
Tim & Michelle- Thanks for whisking me away on our european tour of Illinois. (: 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Blessings Big God...

Considering I could probably count the Saturdays (per year)  I don't shoot an event on one hand, to have a day without the camera was, well...Refreshing. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but most people work during the week and get the weekend off. I work during the week...The weekend...And most nights. So to have one complete day without a lingering To-Do list was not only unheard of in my typical routine but is something that I needed. I was actually supposed to shoot that day but God knew better for me. From the very beginning of my day till the very end little blessings of friendship, gifts, naps(!), and laughter filled me with joy. 

The day started off with a beautiful fall walk around an adorable town with a dear friend. We then both got to attend another friend's baby shower which was so creative & Chill. Just what I needed. I hadn't been to the host's house before but from the moment I walked in I thought to myself: "She could just open a shop right here in her house because everything is so dang cute!" It wasn't until later that I found out she does sell things...Wonderful...Gorgeous...Hand-made things. She has a whole shop down-stairs and it was their that I spotted the holy-grail of what is my obsession. I could and probably will wear this item everyday. So what is it!? Well...Most girls have a shoe or hand-bag fetish. Not me...Mine is a bit more random than that. I have bins and bins of scarves. I wear them year round. She had a whole shop downstairs of all the hand-made goodness she does. I saw a hat rack full of cowl scarves and I knew I just had to have one. Seriously...Out of the ridiculous amount of scarves I have this one tops them all. It's super unique, really well-made, and well... it's just awesome! So as I go to buy it from her  she decides to gift it to me. It may seem like an insignificant thing but really it meant a lot. I could just be overly tired and sensitive but I really think it was more than that. At the end of the day she's trying to start/run a business and I've been and am there myself. It's not easy to balance all of life's agendas and I know this gift was a true act of generosity. I don't usually "promote" businesses and I for sure typically don't post pictures of myself  but for real this item is sweeet and it's maker is just as great.  You should check out her work at: (There's lots more styles & colors just contact her)

(It's funny how I take thousands of pics a week but am so stinkin' awkward in a picture so don't judge me but it helps to see one on)
So I was already feeling super blessed and decide to continue the fall perfect day with a Pumpkin Spice Latte with my dear friend and again out of the blue the cashier goes: "Don't worry about it, it's on my today." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Again, I know it's a little thing but for how hard I've been working I just feel like God is just blessing me with the little things that bring me such joy. 
I then got some time to hang out with the Hub (Which we don't really get to do since I work weekends), took a glorious nap, grilled some bacon wrapped Filets, and went to get a treat with Barto. Funny story about that...Everytime we go to get a treat our true colors shine through. Bart grabbed a peach & avacado for his dessert. (Weird, I know) I tell him to get an organic peach b/c it doesn't have pesticides on it. He then reminds me that I'm holding 6 cupcakes. Don't judge me. (: 

Sigh...I have been so refreshed and blessed by this day. Thank you God.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

So... How cute are they?? Yeah...I thought so too. (: 

They have pretty fantastic personalities to match. Before we really got started I asked them in a nut-shell describe who they were and now having spent a lovely fall evening with them I think I could easily add to the list: Matt & Laura are down-to-earth, joyful, and genuine people who share so much laugher and love. Considering I only got about an hour with them before the sun went down I still feel like I got to know them pretty well. They just have that infectious personality. 
 We even discovered we both have the same new show concept for the Food Network based on using food you already have in your pantry. Give it a catchy title like "Out of the Pantry" or "From Pantry to Pan" and you gots yourself a show. I mean you give me some tortillas and I can tell you at least 5 different meal ideas from it.  Buuut I'm shy in front of the camera (Ironic...I know) so the show should probably hire Laura. (: The evening went too fast and I look forward to their big day where I get the privilege of spending some more time with these two behind the lens. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Home is Where The Heart Is...

I've taken planes, trains, automobiles, tractors, four-wheelers, golf-carts pretty much any and every mode of transportation to get to engagement shoots but today...I parked my car where I do every Sunday. (Just outside of my favorite Thai place) and walked around a little neighborhood we both call home. I don't know if it's nostalgia walking the familiar streets or that I love to see couples finally just let go during a shoot but there was and is something about being here...walking these roads...with this awesome couple that is just great. 
What a refreshing day behind the lens.