Friday, March 25, 2011

It's A Close Call...

This by far was the closest I've shot to some one's due date...Lets just say Kim was "due" 4 days ago and considering I haven't gotten an e-mail back from them I'm hoping it's because little Emma has arrived! (: 
I tell ya there's something in the water because I've been shooting preggo pics like none other lately. But what makes me excited well I should say one of the reasons I'm excited about this is that hopefully means I'll soon have a line-up of newborn pics!  And after joining in on the anticipation with the parents to be it makes taking a little one's first images all the more precious for me. 
Here's to hoping my camera and Emma get to meet soon. (: 

Friday, March 18, 2011

What A Gift...

I love shooting preggo pics when someone is expecting their first child. Maybe they're just playing it cool but I feel like often times I get even more excited then they are! I'm sure that can't actually be true but if I have butterflies with anticipation I can't imagine how they're feeling! Perhaps it's because more of my own friends are attempting to have children and for some haven't yet been able to that I have this sense of gratefulness for the new parents to be. What a gift. And in today's case we mean that literally.  This little bundle of joy will join the world soon. (:

Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Ordered The Wind Machine?

First let me just say I love these two! Jeff & Lindsey are as laid back and fun as I could ever ask for. Being those two adjectives in weather like we had the day of this shoot is just amazing!

Really...We should have had a video of this day's weather; it was just awful! Horizontal blizzardy sleet with a wicked wind to boot. People have no idea what some of these couples go through to get these pictures. In the end, I know I'll be able to get some shots that don't show the chaos that mother nature is enforcing on us but in all honesty... I don't know how people who aren't used to doing this everyday like I am are able to do it. Or at least how they're able to do it with such a positive attitude and trust that I'm not completely crazy. (: 

I am so grateful for the couples I work with!! Winter Tundra and all, I'll gladly shoot with you any day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


So there comes a rare pocket of time where the shoots slow down a bit and I try to fit in everything that I'm typically not as able to get to during the rest of the year. 

The past couple of weeks I've been cooking, (Doubling the recipe & freezing it so when wedding season kicks back in we can have something other than canned soup on the dinner table) reading, (My favorite right now is "Pleasures Evermore" by Sam Storms, and ultimately bringing the creative visions I have on endless amounts of sticky notes to life. Last year you may remember I made Baby Boards, where I can in essence bring a studio to your home. Which was pretty epic. And now this year: With some help of other creative geniuses like my dear friend Karen I've decided to go custom. After what can easily be considered an excessive amount of time sketching, creating, re-creating, editing, proofing, crafting, and printing,  I'm finally launching my new custom bridal packets & packaging and I'm pretty stoked about it!