Saturday, April 7, 2012

Restoration Hardware Baby...

When it comes to baby shoots I kinda feel like a vagabond. I have suitcases & props filled in every nook of my car. Baby Basket? Got it. Actually, I have like five of them. Backgrounds? Check. "Fluffies" aka oober soft baby blankets? Done and done. Did you just look up the word vagabond on your phone? What I'm tryin' to say is babies require a lot of "stuff." I help unpack my families cars during the holidays. Humidifiers, baby tubs, basket of just food for the baby all for a night or two stay! I'm sure I'll eat my words if Bart & I ever have kids but till then I sit in awe of item after item that kids need. I may not be able to wrap my head around why one would bring 3 different teethers but I can totally understand why I need 5 baskets for a baby shoot. (: Put baby memorabilia in a photo context and now I'm trackin'! Today however, I literally didn't take one prop out of my car. There was no need. Steven & Becky's house literally looks like slurp up my drool now.... Restoration Hardware. I just wanted to go shopping in their house! (: Everywhere I turned I thought "Well, that'd be cool..." And typically it's the things you wouldn't expect. Like a rustic chair, on top of a dresser, or in today's case in an antique bread bowl. Worked perfectly! Not only did we get adorable pics but lil' Ben literally rocked himself in the bowl till he got calm & comfy. I got to shoot Steven & Becky's wedding several years ago and they're just one of those couples that make it feel like we pick up where we left off. They're pretty great and I'm so excited to see them as parents now. Three weeks in and they're doing amazing!

Congrats you guys! See you at the next wedding or after the next kid! (: 

(Meaningful box as it has the family name on it) 

Okay... How presh is this? Look at that lil' smirk! (: 

Monday, April 2, 2012

MMP on Twitter...

Okay... Lets be honest... Most days I never get out of my pajamas. And if I do, it's almost guaranteed that the same ones will be put right back on once I walk through my front door. I rarely even make it out to my mailbox. Sorry Pottery Barn catalog you're just not worth the 15 steps.  My everyday life isn't all that exciting but I do kinda have a ridiculously cool job where I get to photograph some pretty sweet stuff. So whether you're interested in photography, love creepin' on other people's adorable pics, wanting some photo tips to make you look like you're a pro, or you're just curious to see if I left the house that day you can check out Melissa Marie Photography on Twitter at:!/mmariephoto