Friday, September 30, 2011

Go Big or Go Home...

For such a tiny girl there is no goin' small when it comes to today's bride Tina.  From start to finish "BIG" was the name of the game. 

She had the biggest bridal party... 
16 on each side not including flower girl & ring bearer!
Despite 41 people in theory being insanity they were absolutely amazing to work with they were easier than most smaller groups!
Plus they were so fun. (: 

Biggest Hair... 
She'd say: "I need more hair! More hair!" 
She turned out stunning. 
(No surprise there!) (: 

Biggest Centerpieces...
I honestly think if they were on the ground they'd be taller than me. 
Which in a sense isn't sayin' much but for centerpieces!? 
They were gorgeous.

Biggest Candy Table...
No exaggeration they could have opened a full on candy shop with the selection they had. And it's not just oh a little bowl of jelly bellies here and some Tootsie rolls there, they had full on every flavor of every candy you could think (including cotton candy!) in massive containers. 
As in a child could sit in it massive. 
Sorry weird analogy but that's all I got. (: 

And last but certainly not least she had the biggest party goin' on.
It's pretty inevitable that after most weddings the guests chant: 
"One more song! One more song! One more song!"
No lie, at this wedding it went: 
"One more hour! One more hour! One more hour!"
Several hours later in the wee hours of the night 
the party was just as strong as it started and it was an absolute blast!!! 

I adore this family and was so glad I got to be a part of the day. 
Congrats guys!
The groom, Vinnie is a firefighter. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Joliet Union Station...

Where did these people come from!? 
And by "these people" I mean my bride Erin & her groom Jon. 
I hope you know I'm saying this lovingly but for a couple with such quirky personalities they flip the switch to elegant Italian Vogue Wedding edition pretty darn quick when a camera is on em! 

They're sarcastic....Yet genuine.
Layed back...Yet willing.
Tough...Yet Sentimental. 
And all around an absolutely wonderful couple. 
So glad I got to share in their day!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Okay...I've never done this but throughout the years of weddings I've come across many celebrity look alikes. From Matthew McConaughey, Penelope Cruz, to Shia LaBeouf, (All from the same family, no joke) But today... I had a first for a certain celebrity and  it's definitely a first for me to point it out on the blog but after the fact that it took me a couple hours to figure out "who it was" she looked like I gotta point it out now. (:
Not that I watch the show or anything because that would be embarrassing (to admit) but from the many seasons of me "not watching"(: the Bachelorette I think Deanna was the most stunning and today's bride  Joanna could be her twin. Well, maybe her even prettier younger sister. (: 
She's one of those girls that when you walk in the room you go: "Dang, she's gorgeous." Her sweet & kind demeanor is equally stunning. So needless to say following this chick around all day was pretty great. (:
(Am I right!? or am I right!?)

It was also a first for me to do back to back ceremonies for the same bride! (: 
Yes...Yes I did just say two ceremonies. 
Made for a busy day but the more you spend time with their families the more you see just  how right of a decision that was. 

And last by note least...Joanna was marrying Nick who is Greek & one of the traditions is to write two single ladies names on the bottom of your wedding shoes and whichever name rubs off is the next one to get married. That's just about as true as catching the bouquet but it's little fun tradition that I've never seen before. 
Congrats Nick & Joanna!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dream Girl...

We got a phone call from a good friend saying they want to meet over dinner with my husband and I and to not invite anyone else. So there we are huddled over a tea light candle at our favorite Thai place &  our usually analytical friend tried to not run off with excitement as he began to tell us about a girl. 
Well, not just any girl. His "dream girl." (His words) ( :
Ryan & Bethany were neighbors as children growing up in Columbia and despite eventually moving geographically far a part Ryan always held Bethany as the standard. 
A whole lotta God timing later the two cross paths again and now here we are...
In a beautiful backyard in the countryside of Tennessee celebrating how the Lord desires to bless us with someone we could could only dream of. 

Ryan & Bethany...We are so happy for you guys! 
In both the greatest & most challenging of times remember that by no accident you were brought together. The same God that orchestrated your paths is the one with a plan & a future beyond what you could ever imagine. 
You are dearly loved.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beautiful + Beautiful = Gorgeous...

I honestly think I may have gasped as I saw little Eli in his car seat. 
Holy moly this kid is BEAUTIFUL! 
This is shameful advertising but pictures just don't even do him justice. And he's no pre-modonna either. No joke for a solid 3 hours straight he was all giggles & smiles. Not one tear, whine, or tantrum in the bunch. From barns, to a field of not so soft wild grasses nothing fazed this kid! 
If you were to combine the awesomeness of all my kid shoots for at least a year and combine them it still couldn't reach the afternoon I spent with this beautiful family. 
They may look familiar as I have many pics of them up on my website
 (common now they're gorgeous! Look at em!) (: 
So when one beautiful person marries another they end up making one absolutely gorgeous child it makes for one incredibly happy camera lady. Me! 

So not joking at all but on a more real note I really do love this family. They take the gospel seriously and have some of the most contagious joy. 
Me, My heart, and most definitely my camera are happy every time we get together. 
Much love dear friends. 

PS- Don't forget about me when Baby Gap comes a knockin'... (: