Friday, April 22, 2011

So Right...

Let me start by saying: it's kinda wrong how cute these two are.
The constant inner-monologue in my head (Yes, it's literally constant while shooting) would start to say: "Oh don't do" but would quickly switch to "That's so stinkin' cute" because the things that typically wouldn't or don't work for most people Danielle & Rob not only pulled off but rocked. 
Like what? You ask.
Well take this first pic for example...Typically that would quickly turn into "prom" but it was at this point that I started to freak out with excitement about this shoot. Seriously, how cute are they!?

Second example of what most people can't do but they totally can pull off: The football prop. 
I should just say props in general. 
Before I get misunderstood let me say that I LOVE props! But a rare couple can pull them off. You can't second guess what you're doing you just gotta go for it. You obviously brought something with you because it has meaning for you so don't be embarrassed go for it! And that these two did. Passing the ball back in forth, tackling each other in the sand, all the while being aware where my camera is. Sure most people will pass the ball around but they're literally facing the wrong way! 
My point is this couple is too gorgeous, ridiculously photogenic, and so fun to shoot. 
Great day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Families Second Family...

Growing up this was our second family...
The mom, Catherine was the person to introduce my parents into taking in foster kids. I literally would not be where I am today, adopted into the most wonderful family I could have possibly have hoped for if it were not for her. She also was a key factor in the role soccer has had in my life. She When I was 6 she snook me onto my first U-8 travel soccer team. (Which of course just happened to be hers) (: She later housed our european soccer trainer who no doubt got my mind thinking about college ball. 
Most of all Catherine is known as "Momma Deam" for a reason. You can be a stranger to her but you won't be one for long. 

The eldest daughter took my favorite baby photo during one of the times I was staying with their family and now I'm a photographer....

Her sister Erica was my sister's closest friend growing up and really she was like another big sister to me. She took me to the zoo, the movies, got me birthday presents and would walk through our front door calling for "mom" holding a batch of cookies. 

We owe much to this family. This vibrant, life-changing, generous family. 
Today...We had a party to celebrate the living legend that is:
"Momma Deam." 

It was an honor to be a part of it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little Emma's Here!

Just weeks ago I was taking pictures of the cute little belly that was holding this sweet-pea.  How adorable is she!? Newborns typically don't have much expression but Emma had me crackin' up all day she already has so much personality. Look at this little smirk!?
 Does she not look like she's just having the grandest dream? 
What a cutie!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Season 6...

You ever have those moments where someone asks you how old you are and you say the wrong age? Not even on purpose, you genuinely forgot the number? Well...That's me. Except it's not how old I am, rather, how many years I've been doing this. Melissa Marie Photography is starting it's 6th season. That's just crazy. Seems like yesterday I was panicking whether I could pull off starting a business. I am so grateful to be where I am in life and to work the way that I do. So first off...Thanks for hanging in there and traveling this journey with me!

The thing that keeps my business thriving for this long are referrals...Telling friends and family that you know of a photographer that'd be a great fit for them is everything. Potentially, no one does that more than today's couple and my dear friends Josh & Danielle. I should probably just hand them my pay check already. (:

I say that jokingly but for real, before our shoot I was filled with gratefulness for last year's progress and was especially thankful for Josh & Danielle's role in it. So here I am sitting with the warm & fuzzies when they get out of the car holding a gift. A gift for me. Are you kidding? This is so backwards! It was one of those gifts that you knew someone was listening and picking up on something that no doubt you would love. And I did...I LOVED it! To me, presents are tangible ways for someone to say: "I've thought of you, and I care enough to go above and beyond to to express it by taking the time to get this for you." I felt so loved. Thank you guys...Thank you for our awesome engagement shoot...Thank you for picking the one day out of every freezing (literally) one that it was miraculously 85 degrees out...Thank you for passing my name out to so many friends & co-workers last year...Thank you for my present (I love it)...Thank you for being my friends.