Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How's The Weather?

Typically, one doesn't talk about the weather unless you're killin' time or caught in an awkward convo but considering we went from literally 60 degrees to 12 and these images were on the 12 side I think we should give props to this couple! 

I guess the one perk of frosty temps is it's physically difficult to blink so in all the images their eyes were open. (: 
For real though, Ky & Ashley you were troopers! 
And you're pretty dang adorable too. (: 
Here's to warmer temps for your August wedding! 

Monday, January 14, 2013


It was a moment in-between what I would call typical wedding chaos of we're slightly behind schedule, still running around getting ready when the bride Raquel calmly gets my attention. I honestly think I'll remember this for years to come as it was a surreal moment in that I could feel the hustle and bustle behind me but it's almost like my moment with the bride was in slow-motion. She touched my arm and said: "Just wanted to let you know that I've been praying for you and your husband. For whatever reason missions is on my heart for you guys." I honestly coulda lost it. And if we weren't running late I may have taken a moment and let myself do so. India has and continues to be on my husband and my heart. We go every year to work with an all girls orphanage that has absolutely stolen our hearts. In some ways we're at a fork in the road and Raquel's words were timely. 

I've said in the past that I pray for all my couples. Not necessarily with them or in some obvious way but little moments here and there when things remind me of them. But to have a bride say she was praying for me? Unexpected and meaningful.  
Fast forward a few minutes after we got her in her dress... 
She was stunning and so I wanted to get a few images of her but also wanted her to have a ready heart to cherish the moments that were to come. So I told her to take a second and pray for her marriage to herself. When we were done she wiped a tear. One of my favorite shots and moments of the day. 

Then after the ceremony, in this tiny little white chapel the bride, groom, and myself are doing portraits and now knowing what prayer means to both of them I told them to take another moment now that they are together and just pray for their marriage. Much like I've been doing while writing this post. (: 
And again, it ended up being one of my favorite images of the day. 

Eugene & Raquel, 

I pray that in the greatest and even in the most challenging times of your marriage that you'll be able to look back and see a path of faithfulness that God has provided for you guys and allow that to be an ever-flowing source of encouragement for you. Keep praying for one another as well as together as no doubt the Lord will answer. So thrilled for the adventures ahead for you guys. 


Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Several years back I photographed Lauren's (2nd from the right) wedding on her families estate. What qualifies for something to be an estate? Well, none the less pretty confident this place fits the bill it's absolutely gorgeous! I feel like it's the kind of house that would have a hidden room when you pull the candlestick in the library. But even with how lavishly stunning the property is what honestly is even more obvious is how down-to-earth the family is. When we finished photos I heard a whole group of teenagers were coming in from the city who otherwise wouldn't have meal options during holiday break. How cool is that? Awesome to get to re-unite with this great family. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

16 In Counting...

I loved this idea. They got all the cousins together and they wore t-shirts with the number in which they are in the order of he family. So cute! Sometimes when things don't go as planned or a toddler well, acts like a toddler during the photos you end up with what I think can be some of he cutest pics of all. (I'm sure mortified parents would beg to differ) But at least it gives us good photo sabotage when I shoot their weddings in 25 years. (:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Near & Dear...

Cori is one of those friends that's hard to find. She has been near and dear to my heart since college. We both were on the same soccer team in college (national champs, woot! woot!) (: we're extremely sarcastic, have an obsession with coffee and both well.. For a lack of a better way to put it are ones  to cut the crap and just be real. I can't tell you what his girl means to me. So it's a little hard to put into words when I say I'm so incredibly proud of the mom she has become. Lil Morgan was born 5 months ago and my oh my can she steal your heart!
 I obviously am glad to take some pics of that adorable face but even more than that, I'm glad I got to see that face pop up from the crib in the morning, or light up even though my thighs burned from doing a silly dance over and over to get her to laugh. I love living life with my dearest friend despite the fact that we live across the country from each other. So grateful for the past few days.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photo Bomb...

This new dad, Chris, literally does such a good impression of "Borat" that I couldn't remember his real name for awhile because that's how I had come to know him.

He's hilarious. He once photo bombed a shoot of mine by wearing a jersey and a mullet wig. Might seem weird but the fact that it was a maternity shoot (that wasn't his) made it even funnier. And I may or may not have seen him "lingering" in the background of a few photos I had later today. (: 

Well, he and his wife (shot their wedding a couple years back) just had their first baby three weeks ago! Though no doubt exhausted they're still cracking jokes and seemingly are pro parents already.
Congrats guys!!