Friday, June 17, 2011

Return To India...

Sigh...I cannot tell you the joy that is in my heart! 
We're just days away from returning to India! 
We work with a girl's orphanage called The Home of Love...
It has literally changed our lives & more importantly the lives of 75 girls in India. 
With that, my photo journey will move from weddings to the slums. 
From celebrations with fine china to celebrations on banana leaves. 
Here's a few snapshots of last year. 
Look forward to telling you all about it upon my return!
-Melissa Marie

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time To Party...

This was a party you wish you were invited to.... 
Though maybe a little over a hundred people attended I think the energy in the celebration far outshone even the largest of weddings. 
Often times DJ's have to have the group cheer several times to get the energy up before announcing the bridal party. I kid you not, it was the loudest first-round cheer I've ever heard and the party only grew from there. But the wedding wasn't without sentiment. With many of the guests coming in from Colombia there were many tearful hugs and a genuine sense of deep appreciation to be re-united.
I truly from the bottom of my heart loved this day. 
From laughing at "Grams" whose an absolute riot! 
To watching father & son embrace with tears rolling down their faces. 
Sigh...What a good day. 
Jorge & Danielle...Thank you for letting me be a small part of it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Today is Their Day...

Today is their wedding day...

No these aren't their wedding pictures but I don't think I've shot someone's engagement pictures so close to their wedding before. I know I said that a few months back but two days before the wedding!? 
I was worried that they'd get burnt out on pictures and we hadn't even made it to the big day. 
Luckily that wasn't the case. 
Jorge & Danielle are super sweet and their excitement for the wedding makes me all the more excited. Speaking of wedding. 
I gotta go shoot theirs! 
Right now. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Timing Is Everything...

Think back over some of the most life-changing moments & chapters in your life...
 I'd bet to say that it was an event occurring at just a time for a rememberable result to take place.
Timing is everything....
A man prepares & ponders when & how is the best way to commit his life to another and an engagement forms. Now of course I'm biased but I think one of the most crucial moments to get the timing right is one's wedding. Are you both ready? Will you be in a spot that will allow you to begin life together on the right foot? The answers to those questions will have a great impact on the final result.
In the same way, the timing of one's wedding events can make or break the experience.
Which is why I always advise more time rather than less.
You may think: "wow, do I really need that much tine in-between or for pictures?
And my answer is yes... Yes you do. Inevitably things will run late.
"But I'm organized" you say...That's awesome! You & I will get along great! (:  but I'm tellin' ya a wedding day is a chain reaction of many people's decisions & timing is not just reliant on us who have a minute by minute spreadsheet.  Ha...Don't judge me! (: 
So... My point is having a great timeline for your wedding just may be the key factor in you having he best experience of your life.

Today's bride Michelle was totally trusting in my timeline (despite some grief from others that there potentially was too much time) and surprise surprise it was exactly what we needed. (Okay I'm not surprised I've done hundreds of weddings, I kinda have this down by now) (: 
 Having the right time  obviously makes my crazy organized personally happy but more than that I know that minute by minute... Memory after memory is being created. And who wouldn't want that on the most meaningful day of their life? 
 Couldn't be happier for her & Tim. 
Congrats guys!