Friday, February 24, 2012

You Dig?

Goodness knows I don't show you guys photos of myself very often. Why? Well, frankly I'm mega awkward that's why... That cute husband of mine on the other-hand loves it. I Found him on a bare-skin rug (already weird...I know) in the middle of Costco calling  out: "I need a photographer! I need a photographer!" I guess that's me... 
   So what's our deal?
Why are we alluring you with pics of these super sweet & mega soft shirts?

Well, week after week I capture the most important day in people's lives. And for me, the most important days of my year aren't glamorous in the world's eyes but in my heart they're moments I wouldn't trade for anything. For the past several years Bart & I spend about a month with 80 of the most incredible girls we've ever met at the Home of Love in Chennai India! Many of you follow along with what work we do in India and many of you have donated in various ways over the years. FYI- The toothbrushes, soap, and balls you all donated last year were a HUGE hit! Thank you! If you got hook-ups with any hygiene products or sporting equipment hit us up! We'd love to bring those types of things to the girls again.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the epic-ness that is the Home of Love you can read a few of the highlights of the past couple years.  Till we see our girls again (110 days but who's counting) (:  check out our gear for sale, see if there's anything you wanna donate to the girls, and of course check back here for some photo updates upon our return later this summer.

Thankful for how many friendships we've gained from this little thing we call photography. (:
Much Love!
-Melissa Marie

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What's the latest with us & the Home of Love?

Believe it or not I pack a months worth of what I need in only a carry-on so I can use  2 giant suitcases to pack in all of donated goods for the girls. 
Here's 1 of 2 huge suitcases from last year. Thank You! 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Antarctic Safari...

It's August. Wait... No. It's February. Isn't that obvious? I'm wearing so many layers I've out fluffed the kid from the Christmas story. If I could do anything I would travel & take photos all over the world. Okay, that's only slightly true. Really, if I could do ANYTHING I'd be an Olympian, or I'd even settle for being a cupcake taste-tester. 
But a close third is traveling the world with my camera (: 
So... Pretty much I got to shoot for National Geographic Engagement Edition today. No...That's not a real magazine. You know how many people would have Googled that if I didn't mention it? Just sayin'...
Anyway, today was SWEET! Who gets to shoot in the grasses of Africa and the winter tundra of the Antarctic in the same hour? This girl! Love my third option for a job. (: 
Seriously...Are you not impressed with these two? It's so stinkin' cold it's ridiculous. They make it seem like we really are baskin' in the sun after stepping out of our Jeep for fresh air. Best couple I've shot in freezing weather. Period. 
So that was the safari.. And by that I mean a sand dune dog park. Which didn't click in my mind till I knelt down in the brush and thought it smelt funny. Haha... 
Oh what a difference a couple inches makes. 
Now for the Antarctic. They are literally standing on a cliff of ice & snow. If  the ice-shelf weren't here we'd literally be 80 yards into the lake. Kinda creeped me out but mainly I was just stoked. The setting was crazy. I think it's safe to say the trek to get some of our shots was an expedition! 
So... I'm definitely no Olympian, I might as well get paid to eat cupcakes as it's a staple food-group for me, but in between my travels of the world I will gladly take amazing shoots with fantastic couples in places like these! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Heart Full of Love...

What I absolutely love about weddings is when people cry because their heart is is so full it overflows with tears.  To see and hear Diana try and put into words her vow to let my friend Dan take care of her child, her heart, her life was intensely moving. Not a dry eye in the house! Literally in the house.
Their wedding was in the most gorgeous Tudor home.

Dan, you've come a long way my friend...
Keep workin' hard but always work the hardest on your & your families relationship with the Lord. (: 

Diana...You are such a sweetheart! Look forward to many more get togethers in the future.
Much love & congratulations you guys!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Piece of Art...

The fact that the Art museum today was free admission... 
The fact that we drove together so we didn't have a real life:
 "Where's Waldo" 
The fact that that we got to take photos with Picassos and Monets... 
Kinda great. was pretty darn fantastic. 
I also am sorta in love with this couple. 
They're a mega fun (Shoot, the groom was a Big-Ten mascot for goodness sakes!) up for anything kinda crew. And I dig it.

I haven't been to the art museum in probably 15 years but even with  being aware of the insane amount of rules ahead of time such as no use of flash indoors made me a bit nervous. I was happily surprised 
(I don't think that's grammatically correct phrasing but stay with me!) to find that the place is actually really bright! 
And not only that, taking pictures inches away from Rembrandts is kinda ridiculously cool. 
With every turn we found a new genre to take on. So fun! 
Their wedding is in a few weeks! Excited for it!