Thursday, May 26, 2011

Greek Baptism...

Sigh....My Greek family. Okay, maybe not MY Greek family but with how much they've taught me about my own culture through the years they could have a run at the title for sure. (: 
Being raised by Swedes has it's definite advantages: 
Swedish meatballs, pancakes, Swedish accents during the game "Mad Gab" and lots and lots of Coffee! Can I get an Amen!? 
Gotta say though, anything I know about my Greek people comes from either: "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" or today's family, Nick, Ketia, & now Alexi.
I've gotten documents on all things Greek Weddings and now I'm well rehearsed in Greek Baptism. Lots of respectful rituals and above all else the focus is on the adorable Alexi. It was merely a year ago I shot their wedding, and now their first child's baptism. 
Here's to many more Greek traditions I hope to learn in the future. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It saddens me when a bride says she's had a not so great experience with vendors. But truly, it is music to my ears to hear in the same breath that I'm the one thing that did go right in the planning process or that they knew they didn't have to worry about me. They trusted I'd pull through. I truly want every aspect of one's wedding to be a dream and if I can be the person to help make that happen then the world is right with me. So to hear from my bride Jessica that there had been issues but all is good now that I'm here meant everything to me. 
It meant trust. 
Trust that despite our less than perfect weather (Don't be fooled by the picture, photoshop & I are friends. It was clouds...Rain...& Cold) she knew that I'd capture her vision.
 It meant she could totally emmerse herself in Derrick (and oh my are they cute) and not think through a mental list of pictures. 
Trust means eveything to me and it for sure means everything to a bride. 
And when I get it, I don't take it for granted. 
Thanks for trusting guys...
You're day was absolutely stunning!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jazz's Baptism...

Meet my nephew jazz. Known for smiling all the time & never crying. He's pretty much the "perfect baby". So between my nephew the "perfect baby" and my niece the "baby genius" I think Bart & my future (non-existent) children, no mom, this is not an announcement, have a tall order to live up to. Bart & I joke our kid would be the hyper tan baby. Haha... But for now I'm lovin' just being an aunt. Today we got to celebrate little Jazzy's baptism. A lot of prayers have been said for this little guy. Ours is: that he may grow up not just knowing of Christ his savior but that his heart would joyfully testify to what the lord has done for him & through him each day of his life.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Preggo Round Two...

Meet baby genius. I mean my niece Evelyn. 
No lie, auntie bias aside this kid is wicked smart. 
And not only that but she's cute too boot.
 I don't get to see her all that often so any snuggles and chases around the house I can get I'll take!
 I love, love, love being an aunt to little miss Evelyn & I can't wait to meet bambino #2 in about a month! 

Random & total brag story...
We were playing Hide & Seek (which first off, let me just say she's not even 2 yet so I thought anything beyond peek-a-boo was impressive) and she counted up to 13 then got confused who was hiding and who was seeking and quickly dropped to middle of the floor with her face to the ground. As if she closed her eyes we couldn't see her in the wide open space of the floor. 
Haha... Adorable!
Thanks for indulging my story. (: