Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chicago Magic...

There's a magic vibe about Chicago. Especially around Christmas. And just as I begin to wonder why I don't come into the city more often my 45 minutes of trying to find a parking spot and $22 a hour parking fee reminds me. But ya know what? Today was totally worth it. There was a slight chill in the air, Christmas lights everywhere, and a beautiful couple that's as sweet as can be. 
Took a little while for us to find our comfortable groove but before long we're dodging taxi's and letting thousands of Christmas shoppers be more of a prop than a distraction. 
No doubt their wedding will be gorgeous. 
Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Never Fails...

Goodness knows I'm a home-body at heart but in theory if I were to move to another city Milwaukee would be one of the few on top of the list. No I didn't say Boulder, or Seattle...You heard me, Milwaukee. It never fails. You can literally find a ridiculously cool building, artsy store, or mega sweet coffee shop. Icing on the cake? No traffic, and oodles of available parking. Umm... Yes please. 
Well, today we hit up two of my Milwaukee favs. One of them was new & shown to me by today's couple Peter & Emily but no doubt I will return to this place every time I head north. I've never been to seattle but one thing that's super iconic and is something I've always wanted to take a pic of is their Public Market sign. Well who knew little Milwaukee has their own little slice of word art. Looks like I'm in the Northwest but only drove a couple hours. Inside this massively awesome loft is everything you could ever want. Love love love it! 
What's to love more than the market? Alterra of course! I may have a slight obsession with this coffee shop. I may have even contemplated going up north for the day just to spend some time in this piece of caffeinated heaven. It may even be my favorite shot of the day. Nothing crazy. No skyscraper, or hustle and bustle of a city just a warm everyday type of shot. 
Plus this is where Peter & Emily first met. (: