Thursday, January 26, 2012

Partnership: Start Marriage RIght...

 Melissa Marie Photography is now partners with 
Start Marriage Right! 

        I've been married for a little over 6 years now (I know! Crazy...) and while most people my age are starting families (Don't even get my mom started on that topic!) my husband and I hang out primarily with single people. This may sound weird, but for me, singles are in a life-stage that I'm passionate about. I whole-heartedly believe that one's relationship with the Lord & their trust in His timing will not only have everything to do with who they end up with one day but the quality of the journey along the way. People that know me have heard me say a million times: "If I dated my now husband when I wanted to, there's no doubt that we would not be together today." So to be able to come along side others as they make seemingly small choices that lead up to a decision with a really big impact on their life is something I not only love to help with but is something I greatly desire do. I know what you may be thinking: "Don't you shoot weddings?" Why...Yes. Yes I do! And let me tell you, there's no greater, or more beautiful a wedding than when two people that truly are meant to be together are so. They're the weddings that I have to wipe away tears. (Comon now! The photog isn't supposed to cry!) (: They're the weddings that I honestly, never forget. So...How does one get this infinite wisdom as they try and survive the world of dating & marriage? Well, I for sure don't have all the answers but I'm thrilled to now be partnering with people that have a whole lot more of them then I do! (: 

 Melissa Marie Photography is now partners with Start Marriage Right! 

Whether you're single, dating, newly married, or trying to hold-on you should check them out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Photo Promo...

We'll see if I'm crazy for doing this but I'm having my first ever (we'll see if it becomes annual) photo promotion! I've had more people than normal for this time of year want portraits so I'm releasing the deal of the promotion early. I predict spots are going to fill fairly quickly so get in on it while you can! 

Okay... Here's the deal...

For $250: 
You'll get 25 photos in 25 minutes. 
The 25 best images will artistically be edited.
They'll be online for viewing and sharing.
You'll also get the images on disc to use as you wish. 
I can meet you wherever you'd like to shoot
(Chicago-land area unless you get a crew of 5 to join in) 
The shoot must take place BEFORE April 14th.
 i.e. the start of wedding season for me. 

Here's some fun details to get the best deal!

For every friend you get to "Like" Melissa Marie Photography on Facebook 
(Have them message me for confirmation) 
I'll give you 1% off your photo session! (Up to 30%) 
May not sound like much but that's $75! Which is pretty great! 

Get more than 30 friend's to "Like" Melissa Marie Photography?
Whoever gets the most people to like it will win a 10x14 fine art print from their photo shoot!

Pretty exciting right?

So whether it's you're going to propose and you want pictures of it...
Whether you want engagement pictures (If I'm already shooting your wedding it's included don't worry) 
Preggo pics...
New Born pics...
You just haven't had beautiful photos in a really long time....

Now's a great opportunity!

You can E-mail or message me with any questions, the list of friends you've gotten to "Like" MMP, as well as to set up an appointment. 

Excited to meet some newbies as well as catch up with some that has been awhile! 
Have a great day guys... 
And share this deal! 

-Melissa Marie

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Now Rock it Out...

Bam...Now rock it out...Rock it out...Rock it out...Is that a song? I'm pretty sure it is. 
If there were ever a family you'd want to see dance to a song it'd no doubt be this crew. We joke that we could rent them out as party starters, party sustainers, and well...I don't have a third option but you want them there I'm tellin' ya. 
So... There wasn't an official party but kinda felt like one. 
Always a great time with this crew!