Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staying Focused...

Not a Hasselhoff Bay Watch wannabe, screaming children, or ridiculously hot temperatures could distract these two from each other. I love it...Everything about our environment could have made the day's shoot really difficult but they never thought twice about it; they were so focused on one another. What a great quality to have. The world will always have one more thing for your to-do list, one more distraction, but in the end it's your partner that will get you though.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Italian Love

I often times joke that my husband is so Italian he'd put parmesan on his cereal if I'd let him. For once, hes been topped. Jackie and Vinnie are just the cutest second generation Italians I've seen. We took pictures in the same same neighborhood and even on the same street that their parents immigrated to. How cool is that? 

Despite every possible distraction and loud noise known to man, these two manage to make everything seem serene. From construction workers to people literally going and sitting in my shot, they were super flexible and made what could have been a tricky situation completely work. I think their wedding will be a piece of cake. (: 

Love These Two!

I just love love love this couple! It's such a cliche to say it but really these two came as clients and we'll leave as friends. It's so rare to be as comfortable as we are. I can say my corny sarcastic jokes and know that either one of them can equally dish it back to me. 

The soon to be bride is so stinkin' sweet that you just want to go grab a cup of coffee with her and have a heart to heart. And the soon to be groom is the type of guy that would be the life of the party and in a second drop it so he can make sure you got to your car okay.

 love them dearly and I can't wait for their big day!


Strong Foundation

Despite my long history with the bride I'd have to say my favorite thing about shooting this wedding was to see how solid their foundation is on Christ. Without a doubt these two love each other and love the Lord. A lot. (: The love is also comin' right back at em. They have so many friends and family they had two receptions!  Both were a great party. 

My not so favorite part? Having the worst cold than I've had in probably 10 years. In this industry there's no "sick days" you just gotta push through it. Whether you're secretly hiding somewhere to blow your nose or in my case having your mom drop off a boat load of meds to get you through the goal is always the same. Priority bride. It's not the time to brag about how aweful you're feeling and what a "trooper" you are for pushing through. It's your job...And though it may not happen daily, today's assignment is to make this day the best day of this couples life and to never let on that anything is amiss. 

At this point I'd like to give a shout out to my momma for overriding my stubbornness and still taking care of me. (: And I'd also like to thank Mr. Day Quill for hooking a girl up. (: