Friday, August 31, 2012

Love at Navy Pier...

So back in the day I always kinda dreamt my first kiss would be on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. That didn't happen... (: And no, the smiley face is not secretly implying that it did.... (:

I did however have my first wedding at Navy Pier! Common now, the Chicago skyline, 75 degree weather in August, the Crystal Garden, the ferris wheel & carousel... Photos would dream of days like these.

As much as I've always wanted to shoot here I knew it'd take a special couple to pull it off. You kinda have to have bold personalities to stand up to all that Navy Pier is. Bold is an understatement for these two. Shoot, the groom and groomsmen did a choreographed dance during the reception that I just may remember for life. At first I was like, "oh fun...unique play on the village people" buuuutttt lets just say the village people as far as I know didn't get their costumes from Lovers Lane. Just sayin'...

The bride, Julie, ain't no shy thing either! I call her my "Double Mint" girl because she looks like one of the twins from the Doublemint gum ads (if you're to young to know those commercials you're too young to get married! JK....). Kinda over the top, flirty, and no doubt about it fun! Yep...That's Julie!

Now if I could just get them to be a bit more outgoing and photogenic.... (:

Pshhh...Julie & Victor, you know you guys are awesome! You had a ginormous bridal party to prove it. People just enjoy being around you! Keep that youthful & fun spirit both in these big moments but especially in all the little ones that daily life will surely bring.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your day it was an absolute blast!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Um... Phenomenal

What does

Cookie dough...
Coffee & fireplaces...
The aroma of food baking during the holidays...
The Olympics...
Lounging on the couch eating chinese food...
Cupcakes laden in frosting...
And todays engagement shoot with Ana & Tom have in common?

They're all kinda phenomenal.

If this is where you say you don't like cookie dough you can just unsubscribe to my blog right about now. Too bold of a statement? Fair enough...I can say with confidence however, that Tom & Ana are so flippin' cute together it's absolutely ridiculous. LOVE LOVE LOVED our day together.

Monday, August 27, 2012

What You See?

You may see a wrinkled outdated hairspray laden magazine at the salon. I see the perfect backdrop for a ring shot. (May be my fav. of the day by the way)  You may see that blinding sunlight coming into your car's dashboard as a driving hazard.  I see that as a "golden" opportunity for some of the most romantic light a photog could ask for. You may see Brooke & Tommy and think "They are such a great couple together! I see....Well, I see that too. They'are awesome! Loved being a part of Brooke & Tommy's sun-laden, romantic wedding.  They are a genuine, down-to-earth, and unbelievably kind couple. Thank you for letting me be a part of it! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Italian Guarantee...

In shooting weddings nothing is guaranteed. It's the reason most don't stay with it for the long haul of their career but after 7 years is one of the things I like most about this job. From extraorodinary stories, deeply personal speeches (that has even me hiding behind my camera in tears), to crazy timeframes of we literally have 3 minutes to rock out an entire wedding photo session to crazy drunken old people trying to cut a rug on the dancefloor with no regard of me, my camera, or the sense if a personal space. However, anytime I'm shooting in the circle of my favorite Italians there's a few things that are almost guaranteed.

1.) Freakish, the world just may be ending weather. One of the weddings, the electricity went out during the ceremony, the tornado sirens were goin off and we went outside for photos! No joke! Today, hurricane Chicago showed up and a few yards in front of me (while I was in my car) lightning struck the traffic light pole & scared the crap outta me. We survived. (:

2.) Cathedrals that are crazy awesome & magically transport me to Europe. For an hour.

4.) Ridiculously beautiful brides... They're all friends, and all so gorgeous it's kinda unfair. And you can't be made at em cuz they are just so stinkin sweet! Shout out to Jax, Tiny Teen, & today's bride, Shiela!

5.) Fun... These people know how to party!

I married an Italian...They usually are my favorite clients...My love for these people? Guaranteed.


Monday, August 13, 2012


Okay... Funny story. So... I'm on my way home from this shoot (which was fabulous by the way) and I see Madison st. blocked both ways. First reaction... Oh crap, it's fatal. Typically, if both ends of the street are blocked someone has died. So there's po po everywhere and a detour even for walkers. As I get closer my heart sinks, theres two smashed up vehicles one of which is literally flipped upside-down on parking garage divider. People are taking photos, it was a mess... So for the next ten minutes on my detour walk to the train I'm prayin for the victims, their families, the rescue crews, when I overhear some in Spanish say its for a new tv show "Chicago Fire." Oh geeze... (: 
 I had a good laugh at myself as I was fiercely prayin for a fake accident.

You either found that funny or amazingly disturbing. (:

I'd say odd stories aside but even our engagement session was a bit odd. (in a great way). From my go go dancin bride posing with a vintage scooter that wasn't hers to random banter with pedestrians to twirling in the street. These two are gutsy, unexpected, and loads of fun. Ready to rock their wedding in just a couple weeks!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Games & Photos...

Most wives complain that their husbands watch too many sports. Things roll a little differently around our house especially when my obsession that is the Olympics are on. I'd now like to thank DVR for saving our marriage. (: 

Editing till 3AM is the norm during wedding season and if I can be watching Rhythmic gymnastics at the same time fantastic. Actually, scratch that, we all know that event is lame and not a sport. If track, swimming, beach volleyball or my new random fav. team handball is on now we're talkin'! 

Lovin' this wedding season. Good times with some amazing couples all the while getting to edit to the soundtrack that I wish was my life, the Olympics! 

I may not be in London but at least in today's shoot it was kinda like I was in Japan. This Japanese garden was saaaweeet! 

And just over the pond...quite literally we found ourselves in little Holland. And by that I mean just a big open field with a sweet old windmill. 

Two countries in twenty minutes? If only... (: 

It's 2:18 AM, my venti Coffee is still alive & kickin', the games are on, finishing up editing this great shoot with Jenny & Ricky, life is good! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


You know how your friends little siblings who aren't so little anymore will forever be like nine years old in your head? That's today's groom for me. Craziness that Neal's old enough to get married! (So glad he did though cuz Kari is one amazing & stunning girl!)

Something else that's crazy? While Kari was getting her hair done at a salon I see someone who I was assuming was waving to me. I wave back and try to make sense of the scenario. When it clicks... (Lame photo pun intentional) it's a future bride of mine & her mother doing their trial run at the salon for the wedding! Crazy! What are the odds!? Wait... It gets better. All of a sudden I see the mother of my current bride talking to the mom of my future like they know each other. Turns out, the both were at a tiny bridal dress shop, (no where near the salon) dress shopping on the same day. They then figured out that they have the same wedding venue! (which is sweet by the way. Shout out to Independence Grove) thinking how ironic it all was the one asks : "who's your photographer? "jack ander... Just kidding yep, yours truly.

Loved shooting today! 
 Speaking of Love...
Been wanting to get a shot like this for quite awhile. "Love" how it turned out. (: