Monday, November 29, 2010

Funny Fam

I'll start off by saying I love this family! Seriously....They're top notch all around. After shooting their daughter's wedding and capturing their hilarious dance moves at several since I've just fallen for them. I think in part because they remind me of my family in some ways. A bit more adventurous, goofy, and most of all they like to laugh. A lot. You just want to be around them. Plus, they have a streak of sarcasm in 'em so we always bypass the awkward hello's and pick up where we left off last as friends. 
You guys should probably become wedding crashers because I and my camera need to see you more often. (: 

Got A Spare?

A couple posts back I mentioned "the last of the season" meaning this photo season was wrapping up. Well, that was a month ago and this may have been one of the busiest months of the year. So on this particular weekend I had shoots back, to back, to back and needless to say timing wise the following event couldn't have happened at a more worst-best time. Yep, that's right I made up that word. (:
But here I am at shoot number two pulling out of the drive-way when I realize I have a flat. Are you kidding me!? I'm all about not panicking or stressing out over something as it won't get done, fixed, or accomplished any sooner so I sat in the drivers seat pondering my next move. Funny enough, my husband was out of town, and any guys that I know that would help are well over an hour away. It just wasn't good timing. But in a way, it was perfect timing. I got out of the car and went back up and knocked on the door of Steve & Amy's house. In no time steve is sitting on the pavement and not only putting on my spare but explaining to me step by step how to change a tire. It's been explained to me before but I was a little bit more willing to learn now that I had to fend for myself. (: In no time, I was back on the road. I can only imagine that I'd still be on the side of 355 if I had made it to the high-way. And that just shows what type of kind-hearted generous, self-less people I work with. I'm so grateful for you guys!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cold Day...Warm Heart

The quickest way to get a couple you haven't yet met in person to get immediately comfortable enough to cling to each other without me saying something is... the cold. The desperate need for body heat can do wonders for breaking the ice. No pun intended. (: 
Sure it was a bit chilly but these two have and still currently do live in two different countries on two different continents and to know their time together before the wedding is limited and yet they still wanted to spend some time with me and my camera is really endearing. 
A warming of the heart if you will. (: 

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Down the most unassuming street possible is a little piece of the northwest. Rolling blackened hills with pine trees cascading the horizon. Winding fields of prairie with little islands of sweeping yellow willow trees. Now by northwest I mean a northwest suburb of IL. but this place could have just as easily been oregon. I love surprises like this. I had no idea this place was going to be so beautiful! Now don't let my couple's outfits fool you. It was cold. Like really cold. But without a complaint they embraced each spot we journeyed to. They're hoping for snow on their wedding day and ya know what? So am I. (: 

Friday, November 12, 2010

New Perspective...

Whether they've seen it in a magazine, my website, or in this case because it's that unique & beautiful, there's places myself and I presume other photographers end up shooting at all the time. The great part about that is I know that spot inside and out. I know what time the light will hit that window, I know when we should avoid it because that's people's lunch break spot. Knowing the details of my frequented locations is freeing in the sense that you can give me pretty much little to no time and I know we can get the shots. On the other hand, it can be tricky or sometimes tempting to go with what I know. And why wouldn't I? Well...each couple's different...I don't want to just shoot something because it's beautiful I want it to mean something. So here I am at one of my all time favorite spots, a little short on time, and I tried all sorts of new things. And afterwards it leaves me wondering how I had never thought to do that in the first place, it's gorgeous! Thanks to Todd & Valerie for so quickly jumping on board with all my crazy ideas and trusting me. (:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wonderful Two's Can Come in Three...

Terrible Two's.... A phrase that can tire even the best of parents at even just the thought of it but family after family I find myself falling in love with this age more and more. For me, it's the fine balance of a booming personality with an endearing shyness that I and seemingly my camera just love. A close second is the 4-5 year old. They go about their business but are they ever so aware that not too far away my camera is watching them color. Which means there's less chasing and more capturing which what I'm all about. Let your kids be kids. Let them color, get cake on their face, attempt to do a head-stand on your couch. Those are real moments for your family. Those are the memories that are in your head and that's what I want to preserve for a life-time. 
Today I got the best of all worlds. Got to shoot a family with both a 2 and 5 year old as well as their newest little sister Julia. An absolutely adorable family and a true pleasure to be around. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leaving A Legacy...

Some of the most highlighted times in my life were the days of being a collegiate soccer player for Trinity International University. It was there that some of the most formative lessons were taught, challenged, and put into practice. Our coaches always said:
It's not about wins or loses...
It's not about national championships...
It's not even about soccer...
It's the daily or even momentary decisions where your true character is made and your legacy is left.

Though our competitive playing years are over (Though my old person-co-ed league ain't half bad) (:
The goal was always to develop our character. The things that we as sisters, daughters, wives, co-workers, aspire to do even when no one is watching.

I can honestly accredit much of who I am, the way I run my business, and my strive in life to those lessons that were taught to me while wearing cleats on a field of grass. One of my coaches, Kelvin, was one of the front-runners of this philosophy and he lives it. And his wife, Anne, is someone whose character & wisdom has been something that people that I really admire seek out.

So here I am...In there adorable apartment watching them interact with their son, and their baby girl yet to be and I smile. I smile because these two have had such an impact on who knows how many (hundreds? If not more) people. Not just a "oh I remember when so and so did or said that kind of way." But a real...transforming way. And they are passing that along now to their next generation. Who I'm sure, God willing, will be and do the same as Kelvin & Anne have. May this household and family reap many smiles, memories, and blessings from this little girl who we will meet in December!