Saturday, November 26, 2011

He's Always Been Faithful...

Okay...Let me preface this post with the fact that she's due in just over a month and we literally had to tell her to push out her belly because she didn't look pregnant. 
Her belly is mine after I've eaten a Pizza.... Just sayin'... (: 

In all seriousness though... Watching, talking, and praying for my dear friend Lindy as she's gone through the ups and downs of waiting for the blessing of this child has not only brought my friend and I closer together but it's taught me life-long lessons about trusting the Lord and not making assumptions about people's journeys in life. 

Upon asking them to write something personal on the chalkboards I had a silent "amen" upon reading what they wrote: "He's Always Been Faithful." Most people will never know the journey it's been for Kyle & Lindy as they've hoped and prayed for little Landon and I will never know the depths of it but it has been absolutely amazing to see how they've trusted in the Lord more than their circumstances. 
May this lesson that they've walked in so faithfully remain in the joys and trials ahead in life as they build their family.

Lindy- From college dorm room laughter, to bridesmaids, to life-long friends, you are dearly loved! 
I may not be a mom but you need anything you just ask.
I mean that. 
Love you girl. (: 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Big Italian Family...

Between engagements, weddings, more engagements and more weddings I've fallen in love with this big Italian family. You ever have one of those friends growing up that eventually you got to the point that you no longer rang the door bell, you just let yourself in and called out "Hello?"This is that type of family. But you don't have to have known them since you were five you love them from the first time you meet. Mom, sister, grandpa, the whole gang is there for everything I love it. 
I also love that the family is expanding. 
Michael Anthony joined the crew about 5 months ago and as you can see...He's a little cutie!
We're out of siblings to marry off in this group so looks like I gotta hope that they have more kids so we can keep meeting together and having fun with some pics. (: 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful People....

The first words of my inner-monologue upon first meeting: "Holy crap, they're beautiful!" I'm not easily flustered and I know it sounds ridiculous to say that I was but....I was. I had one cheesy "pick-up" sounding line after another. "Are you sure you haven't done this before?" "Are you sure you don't have a secret career in modeling?" Lame...I know! But do you see them!? 
I mean I was gettin' cuddles, eye contact to camera, killer body language. 
I was gettin' gold people. Gold!
What a freakin' fantabulous day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I always recommend couples to first think if there's any spots that have meaning for them. Like for me and my now husband it was an old gazeebo. Not the prettiest place persay but we would talk till the sun came up there. Shoot, no joke, he learned to crochet so he could make me a blanket to convince me to stay out there longer. (:
It's the local coffee spot, the movie theatre, the old jalopy car, it those things that have the memories. 
So if we can capture a glimpse in time like that, it's been a great day. It just so happens that today's couple Chad & Jenna's "place" was at the beach. 
Memories & a ridiculously sweet background, uhhh... yes please. (: 
Though I shoot here all the time I absolutely loved getting to capture an amazing time in life for Chad & Jenna at a spot that they will always cherish. 
Looking forward to the big day! 

With legs dangling over the sidewalk wall this is where they had many of their dates. (:
I love that...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nerf Guns....

Remember several weeks ago my "blue wall" post in which  I mentioned how fun that couple was? Yeah...I showed up to their wedding to Nerf guns...! Not kidding... How great is that? 
So I think it goes without saying that the couple is as laid back as it gets! But something you or even most anyone who even attended the wedding wouldn't know is that along with all our silly moments the bride, Brianna, would tear up in anticipation of seeing Logan for the first time or that at the end of the night Logan gave me a real appreciation hug. Sure your wedding is supposed to be fun but it can be so much more than that. It can be a recognition of just how many people love an support you. It can be a day that for once others can give back to you for all that you've done. It can be a day that gratefulness can whelm your heart. Logan & Brianne got that...To me, that's the most enjoyable part of a really special day. 
Congrats guys....!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Years Gone By...

You know you're getting old when a "kid" you've known since they were in 6th grade is now getting married.

You also know you're getting old when someone at the wedding goes: "You took our prom pictures! That was like 4 years ago!" 

Oh geesh... (: 

Yes... I've known today's bride Lindsay for nearly half of her life at this point. I was her youth leader, her "stay out of trouble while you're parents are away guardian", and I'd like to think, her friend. Lindsay's always had a smile that's infectious and a personality that's as vibrant as it is endearingly charming. But the thing I'm more proud of is to see her grow in maturity. She's always been responsible but I feel like she's finally come around to not only seeing but acting on all the wonderful traits we've said she's had all along. 

She's strong...
She's loyal...
She's sweet...

And one of the most photogenic people I know. I took her prom pictures remember. (: 

So today has been wonderful in that I not only get to see her step into another amazing chapter in life with Mike but I get to capture some pretty sweet memories along the way. 

Some highlights: 

For one... They really could make a soundtrack out of her ceremony. My goodness!
Second...Um...Are you seeing the picture that I'm seeing? Uh... How cute are they!?

Third... I adore their bridal party! They were so fun! 

I literally have never seen the ENTIRE wedding dancing from the very first song. I thought to myself: "There's no way this can last like this!" Uh... It did!
With that, shout out to some pretty great DJ's with 6:7 entertainment.  
I also want to give a shout out to IndyVisiual for hookin' me up with some extra pics! 
Super generous of you! Appreciate it!

Lindsay... Congrats my dear. Good things come to those who wait patiently! Be sure the Lord is the center of your life & your marriage! 
Mike... I have no doubt you'll take great care of Linds. (: 

Congrats guys!