Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pressure Cooker of Greatness

Ya know... Most people avoid storms... No kiddin right? That's common sense. But apparently I need to chase them more often because its a pressure cooker of photo greatness. What normally would take an hour literally happened in under 10 minutes. Granted this couple is flippin' adorable and the future bride Brittney could give Kim K (love how 99% of u know exactly who I'm talkin about off of initials) a run for her money on hotness. (was that a weird comment?) and we may have only had a few minutes if we wanted to live to see the wedding day cuz a storm was a brewin!! The lightning over the lake was kinda cool but more than anything was an indicator to get the heck outta there! But not without a few quick shots. (:
Knowing we were short on time to say the least these to rocked it out. Every shot was gold.

It really coulda been a disaster.
Even with my ghetto plastic bags to protect my gear it coulda gotten not so fun real quick. Plus... Sorry to say this (no angry you need to love animals more comments please) (: but bringin a pet to the shoot is a risky play. Usually you get like quarter the amount of shots. Not every dog is Lassie.  However, with a dog like "mags" aka most photogenic do ever. (kinda like her parents!) you can call her name and she'd literally sit and just stare at the camera till we moved on. She's a pro!

Only have 10 minutes to shoot? Chase a storm. Or.... Just shoot Steven & Brittney (and Mags) and you'll be golden.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Unique Goals

People's first choice is usually my last resort when it comes to photography. Maybe I'm picky...Maybe a tad anal...But I most definitely have really high expectations of myself when it comes to creating artful memories for one of the greatest days in one's life.

As I pulled up to one of my favorite mansions to shoot at I noticed a few things. For one, the ginormous stretch escalade hummer in the lot gave me the first clue that we aren't the only wedding loving this location today. Which I'm okay with... Because I quickly noticed that the other bridal party was in the quintessential location for a "bridal party" shot. Lined up...In front of the fountain... On the front steps...In the scorching 90 degree gonna melt off the brides make up and burn their retinas for one shot location. And ya know what? I had no intentions of going there. To be honest, it never even crossed my mind till our limo mysteriously disappeared and we had a ton more time to kill at the end of me exploring every other option possible.

So it lead me to the epiphany that "people's first choice in shooting locations usually are my last resorts. As in dangit the limo literally forgot us and why the heck not fill time with more pics. It's something that I don't really think about till people ask "where did you get that shot!?" and my response isn't somewhere majestic it's usually random like "Oh, you know, a 1970's retro woman's locker room." or in todays case... A really random hall at that hotel. Not even a really nice looking hallway at that.So why there? Why not the "In front of the fireplace shot?" or the "Standing on the staircase image?"

Main reason being what wedding hasn't shot in those locations? Don't get me wrong I'll most likely wind up going to get those images too but it's the last one's I'm gonna take if I'm gonna do it. Otherwise, I'm searching for two things:

1.) Originality.
2.) Phenomenal light.

Which today, just happened to be in a random corridor of the hotel.

I will say that I'm not only trying to be different for different sake. I set goals. I'm actually a goal junkie. I have 5 year goals, 1 year goals, goals for the day, goals per hour (not joking, I'm lame I know) and of course goals per shoot. My goal for this wedding?

To shoot some images that are totally unique. Not just to my own style but in general. From the first snap of the shutter I knew I had it. LOVED spending the day with Jamie she's absolutely stunning! And loved accomplishing my small goal of creating uniqueness within the bigger goal of creating the best memories possible for her & Nick's big day. So whether you're a photog, a couple in a serious relationship, or both! Set some goals, exceed them, and you'll have something that no one else could dream of.

This is a side note...But speaking of unique... They had dueling pianos at their reception! How flippin' sweet is that!? They were AWESOME!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Secret Ally

Me: "Okay, I think we should start with my secret ally. It's awesome. It's got the city vibe without having to step in Urine. Plus! I swear, people must not know about this spot because there's never anyone there. 

It didn't take more than a few steps till we just looked at each other and laughed. The whole dang ally was filled to the brim with cars! What!? 

So we squeezed in between some cars, I shot down maybe a 12 inch gap down a row of trucks, used the cars as a reflection and rocked it out! To have this be our first spot and to have Tommy & Brooke just dominate it like that was signs of good times to come. 
Our day was filled with stumbling upon the unplanned spots that  were too sweet to pass up! 
These two were up for absolutely anything!
Loved spending the day with you guys!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Arizona Baby! Well...Almost

Yes...It is Arizona and we almost have a baby. And by "we" I mean my dearest friends Cori & Jeremy. And by "almost" I mean we're counting down weeks not months. (: 
I absolutely cannot wait to meet this kid! 
I wonder what she'll be like? Soccer dominator like her mom? Astronaut intrigued genius like her dad? 
One thing that's clear is this kid is gonna have some pretty phenomenal parents!
Cori already has animal crackers walkin' two by two... (Inside joke, sorry had to do it)  And Jer. will know statistically what the likelihood of her getting out of the crib and into mischief before it even happens. Cori will be the biggest fan of all the little one's hopes and dreams. (I attribute me actually being a photographer to her being like: "Seriously...You can do this!") And Jer will sit down and not just listen but really hear what her heart has to say. They are some of the greatest people I've ever been blessed to have in my life and this is one lucky kid!

Cor...You know how I know you'll be an amazing mom? Well, for one, you have a pretty fantastic one yourself but even more than that you've been the most genuine friend I've ever had. One that I don't have to edit (sorry, cheesy photog pun) who I am in any circumstance. So for that little girl of yours to have the freedom to be absolutely who the Lord created her to be will be the truest love you will ever give her. So though I'm across the country, you know I'm on the next flight outta here the second you need me. Unless it's for changing diapers... (: 

Jer... Keep taking care of momma...You know she's a tough cookie and won't ask for things till it's at her breaking point. You've always been a great support for her and she'll need you more than ever. 

This is where I got to shoot for the week...Rough life I know. (: 
I actually made preggers pull over the car for this shot. With an iphone in my hand she goes: "You do know you have a real camera on your lap right?" Ha... Sorry Apple...I know you're taking over the world and most definitely the Ruggiero house but Nikon wins. 
We may or may not have gotten up at 5AM to shoot before the sun came up. We actually hadn't even arrived to our planned photo destination yet but when the sun just peaked over the mountains we just had to jump out for some shots. Those ended up being some of my favorites of the whole shoot.