Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Row of Trees...

Several years ago there was this little back road that had an infinitely long drive-way perfectly lined with trees and rustic farm fences. The street was on my route to church so each Sunday in the fall I'd go nice and slow to see if the leaves down my dream drive were just right for a picture. I ended up doing that for 6 years straight. No joke. Never did get it right. But have no fear, IKEA had a picture that was close enough. (: 

I feel like this row of trees has been a similar feat. I always come with high hopes and for whatever reason whether the sun is too bright or moms are having picnics on the lawn it just hasn't worked. 
(To it's full potential) But I think this is the best one yet...
Take That IKEA. (: 

This is totally random but I feel like every time I blog my post has a good color scheme goin' and then I fall in love with a picture that just doesn't match. Hence the pic below. But can you blame me? It's like a little secret garden. And how cute is this couple!? 
They seriously were absolutely amazing to work with. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

True Winner...

There's few people that are as competitive as me. Now I don't get mean & people totally wouldn't know it but I may or may not get internally peeved if I lose at Mario Kart or need to take a walk if I lose to my most prestigious gaming talent, Monopoly.
(Which I've literally lost twice in my life at that)
With that all being said today's groom and a college friend of ours, "Cake" hands down no doubt about it is more competitive than me. I never see him happier than when he wins a game of Ping Pong or shuts out a solid team in goal during soccer. 
That was until today....
I have never ever, EVER seen Cake as happy than at his wedding. 
You could just tell: His eyes squinted when he'd try and take in how gorgeous Danielle was. And he'd tear up trying to declare how appreciative he is of his parents. 

Now that doesn't negate his competitive spirit all together. They had their wedding at Pinstripes. Which is not only ingenious to have a wedding there but it's so Josh & Danielle!  Who doesn't want to go bowling and play bocce ball during cocktail hour?
Okay... You can un-furrow your brow. 
It's fancy bowling and bocce. Like...Really fancy. 
And their food is killer. 

So Cake can win a game of Bocci and celebrate the big day? 
Talk about a win win! (: 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Mae...

So one afternoon I got a call from a wonderful family who I had not yet met and I heard about their newest addition to their family "Mae" who they adopted in....May! 
I cannot even begin to tell you the miracles that have literally happened in my life because of my own adoption 20+ years ago. After spending a bit of time with Mae I could see physically she's not where a lot of two year old are (YET!) but it honestly bonded me more with her. I was predicted to never to walk or talk...On every single report card of my life it said: "Melissa talks too much" and I not only walked but went to college on a soccer scholarship. 
All that to say, the love of a family can go a long way and I'm incredibly happy for them.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'm Cool With Blue...

Not gonna lie I was mega bummed when I first saw that my favorite wall was painted. That was until Logan & Brianne...It was perfect...
Classic yet at the same time not at all.
Kinda like them! 
They have these super cute mannerisms that they totally don't even know that they do but then can have me laughing in fits with a funny comments or random move I didn't expect. 
I did however expect our lets call it: "Bust a move" sesh to be great. 
And it was. (: 
You know what else will be great? Um...Their wedding! Which is just around the corner! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Been Awhile...

Yeah...I know. Ridiculous right? Haven't seen a sunset like this in years. Well, gotta be honest, I didn't really "see" it until I started editing. Sunset pics were of prime importance to today's bride Lindsay and with a snug time-frame I may or may not have been a little pre-occupied with making sure we just got her pics before the sun fully went down. After editing thousands and thousands of pictures a week (Crazy I know) to find pleasant little surprises like a ridiculous sun-set that you didn't fully get to embrace the first time around is what keeps me excited day after day. 

It's also been awhile since I've loved a wedding band so much. 
Well this wasn't your average wedding band and in fact they're not a "wedding band" at all. Not too many people would name themselves "Spoiled Rotten" if they planned to play for weddings. (: 
Haha....But seriously....They were amazing! 

Gorgeous sunset...Venue with not only a panoramic view of lake michigan but is just steps from the water...A band that was legit...and a couple that's even greater than all these things. 
Another great day for the books. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

According To Seasons...

You ever have a long sleeve shirt that you only wear in the fall? In theory, its just as usable in the spring when temperatures are similar but no...theres certain things reserved for certain seasons. 
What? Like its not feasible to have pumpkin pie in July? 
Or fireworks in January? 
No date on a calendar can keep me from my pie. (: 

Same seems to be true of fall photo shoots in Long Grove and winter receptions at Chevy Chase. Sure I shoot in long grove's quaintness often. Are you kidding me? It's as cute as it gets! But there's nothing like Long Grove in the fall. And there's nothing like Chevy Chase in the winter. Well, that is until now.
 I had no idea their were stunning gardens in the back yard. 
Hello gorgeousness!

You really can't go wrong with either spot and you for sure can't go wrong with today's couple. 
They're great.
I'm so lucky this is my job.