Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Best...

I obviously go to well... a TON of weddings. I've had theme weddings, color coordination weddings, barefoot, high-heeled, outdoor, indoor, you name it I've done it. Not much really shocks me or takes me by surprise these days no matter how bizarre. However...When I heard how David proposed to Maggie I was taken back.

Maggie was coming home from a trip in Paris and had a lay-over in New York before coming back home to Chicago. Well, little did she know the full-force plan that was stirring to action. David had arranged with the TSA ( I think that's what they're called, the airport security people) to let him through the security process to go meet her next flight. Not only that but he had actually spoken to the pilot of  Maggie's plane to grant him the privilege of doing what I didn't even think could happen outside of a movie. So Maggie is sitting on her flight hearing the flight attendants go through their schpeel when all of a sudden she hears a familiar voice...David had flown from Chicago, got through security, spoke to the pilot, and now was speaking sweet nothings to Maggie over the intercom of the Plane. Like the scene from "The Wedding Singer" he approached maggie...Got on one knee...and proposed.

Okay you can pick up your jaw off the ground now...Pretty crazy right? Although for David & Maggie it's not crazy at all it's well...normal. I thought I've heard and seen it all but there's a God given love these two have that you can't help but take notice.

It was by far the best engagement story I've ever heard....
The best (or I should say my favorite) engagement photo shoot of the year...
The best dancing hands down that I've seen in years at the reception...
And as trivial as it is the best wedding food I've had in ages...

I know this couple would be the first to say it that God totally and completely wants to bless those who follow Him with the best. With those things little or grand that you can't help but look back and say "Wow...God was all over that." So sure...David & Maggie have an over-the-top romance but they love and serve an over the top giving God.

May each blessing you have be a reminder of God's hand on your marriage. Congrats guys!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moment By Moment...He Leads me

One of the coolest part about pictures is it's kind of a mini time-capsule. Moment by moment, memory by memory passes by and often times it's not until you look back at a singular picture that reminds you of the whole journey.

As I sat down to edit little Lauryn's first baby pictures I saw an image on good ol facebook that was a blast from the past.  It was an old soccer picture where us girls were with our assistant coach Kelvin. It was a really cool irony for me because I was just sitting down to edit his second child's first baby images. Back before Kelvin & Anne were a couple our team prayed for Kelvin & his future family a lot. And now here I am taking pictures of his beautiful wife and kids.

I think it's easy to think that in life we're the one's creating moments but it's not until you find the root of the blessing that you see the journey. Kelvin didn't choose Anne, the Lord did. Anne didn't choose her kids, the Lord blessed her with them. Whether you're in the moment or looking back on times past remember whose leading your journey. I'm just grateful that once in awhile my camera gets to capture that.

Friday, January 7, 2011

You've heard it on the Men's Wear House commercials, the movie "27 Dresses", and probably around any dinner table you've sat at for a wedding. "When the music starts and everyone turns to look at the bride, I turn to look at the groom"
There was never a better time to do that than at this wedding. I haven't seen a groom's eye's filled with with so much anticipation, tears, and love in well...I don't even know how long. It's more often pegged to be the bride's day but what could a girl want more than her groom to look at her like that? It was a beautiful moment. I hope you guys remember it as you grow deeper in your love for one another each day.