Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Natural Beauty...

I loved this shoot. Melissa (sweet name right?) is one stunning girl! Shes one of those whose natural mannerisms are so photogenic its ridiculous. Though she's due not too long from now I should have had her eat a pizza before we began she's itty bitty still. 
Still tiny... Gorgeous... And photogenic!? She's what every expecting girl desires to be. Shoot, not even just expecting girls I wanna be like her. (:
One of he easiest preggo sessions of all time. Can't wait to see what her lil man looks like. Adorable... No doubt.
Love that coincidentally her nail polish matched the bow & the wall. The Tats are pretty sweet too!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double Mint

This may be too old school for some of you but do you remember those Double Mint gum ads? They were usually funky, fresh, bright, and had twins with ridiculously good lookin' smile's beaming with delight over their perfect piece of gum? Much better than these random inappropriate ones that most companies use now. Really? You're advertising gum? Okay, todays shoot really had nothing to do with gum, Double Mint, Ads, or even TV but rather my favorite spot from today's engagement shoot (a really random bright green wall) as well as Julie's perfect smile made me think that any second know a little sparkle would reflect off her teeth and a little high-pitched "ding!" noise would happen. Those were literally my thoughts while shooting. Welcome to my odd inner-monologue. (:

I guess I'm not done with my commercial comparisons cuz just as they were always having an over the top good time so were today's couple Victor & Julie. They were crazy! Most people take awhile to warm up to the concept of gettin' their pics taken? These two? They were jumping, climbing tries, posing with random city property. I lost you on that last one didn't I?

Okay, well, as I was getting to know them more they mentioned how whenever Victor travels he steals an orange traffic cone and moves it to a random other place in the town. Random. Almost as random as merely steps later we came across an orange cone and literally had a full photo-shoot with it. It was awesome. So keep tellin' me your random quirks, stories, and memories, you never know when it'll show up on my camera. (:

These two love life & love to have fun... 
Two great things to have for a marriage. 
Looking forward to the big day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Bucket List...

It's days like these that I'm glad I'm a female photographer because quite honestly a guy just wouldn't appreciate this as much. It's not a sexist comment. It's true! Okay... Lets prove my theory. Name 5 chick-flick wedding movies off the top of your head...Too hard? Get three. Ready... Go.

No Peeking!
No Googling!
Okay you got em?
I'd venture to say if you're a dude you don't have more than 3. If you're a girl you may be able to rock out the whole list and then some.

Ha, pretty much all of them have Julia Roberts in em. Okay that's not true but she's in quite a few. (:

Here's my movie list:

My Best Friends Wedding... (Probably the first one you thought of.)
Runaway Bride... (More Julia)
Wedding Crashers... (Inappropriate? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely.) Which FYI wedding crashers happen all the time. The key to not getting caught is well, just like the movie, be bold. I've seen them sign the guest book,  I've seen them mingle with the parents, shoot I've even seen them slow dance with the bride & groom! No joke! Okay... back to our list:
Father of the Bride... (Classic)
Sweet Home Alabama...(You're ashamed to say you like it)
Wedding Singer... (Oddly enough that's probably people's fav. but I hate that movie)
Wedding Planner... (J-Lo. Really?)
The Proposal... (One of my favs)
Princess Bride... (Also solid)

Okay here comes the cool part. Ready? I got to shoot where "My Best Friend's Wedding" was filmed!
And not only that but this location has always been on my photo bucket list. Have I said lately that I love, love, LOVE my job?
Irony is I may love my job but you know what I'm not a fan of? Movies. No lie. Could care less if I ever saw another one. Though I even told the bride after I got this next shot that it feels like a movie as everything was just surreally (is that a word?) gorgeous!

There was so much to love that to be honest it was kinda overwhelming. When I got home and my husband asked "How'd it go!?" I thought for a second and said: "It's kinda like you were just told you won a shopping spree but you have 5 seconds to shop." Don't get me wrong, we had a great time-frame there's just endless possibilities. If I were told I could only shoot in one location for the rest of my career that'd be it.

All that to say... Had an amazing day with an amazing couple. I wish you guys the very best!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Look Alike

You ever meet someone that looks like a person you know? The best part is when you can ask the person next to you: "Man, doesn't that person look like so-and so?" Claiming right now I'm pretty darn accurate with it and my husband....Not so much. (:  One could be tall and a brunette the other short and blonde and to explain himself he'd be like "But look at their noses, they're the same." Really? Their noses? Annnnnyway.... In then end it kinda feels  like you got to spend time with that person that they look like. I got that today...Except I didn't have anyone to verify with me but rest assured...It's true. Met my one-year-old nephews look-a-like Jacob (who is mega adorable by the way). 

From the first opening of the car-seat this lil' man's arms were up to be held. Many hugs and snuggles later we thought it might be a bit difficult for me to actually take his picture if I were holding him all the time. So passing him off to dad to get these snuggly pics was worth it. How cute are they? 

Getting to spend time with this beautiful family. Awesome.
Getting to see my real nephew a few days later. Double awesome. 

Thanks for a great day guys!