Friday, March 23, 2012

Nerves? What Nerves?

Whatta day....80 degree temps in Chicago in the middle of March? Yes Please. The local po-po stopping like five times to give me his take on the best photo spots in town. Hilarious. Watching this adorably nervous couple rock out amazing photo after amazing photo. Priceless. No, seriously, it's priceless, engagement sessions are complimentary with my weddings. (: 

I kinda feel like you can't be nervous when you're that beautiful! Apparently you can be as they said they rather go to the dentist then get their picture taken but obviously Adam & Vicki had nothing to fear because photo wise they really could do no wrong. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lil' Peanut...

I bet you can't guess where the majority of today's pictures were taken?

A pile of fluffy snow? You think I'd actually put a baby in snow? Well...You're right. Not that this is snow but you are right that I would do it if it meant a sweet pic. I'll give you a hint....It's not cotton balls, marshmallows, cotton candy, or unicorns. It's my all too magical driveway. Yep...Only the best for my friends Josh & Danielle.  (: 

For real though... You don't need a fancy studio & you don't need gorgeous furniture. In my book,  all I need to rock out a shoot is good light so to my beautiful pavement we went. 

 Here's a fun photo tip that you don't need to be a pro to pull off. You ever wonder why that blue dress looks killer on a blue eyed girl? Or why that green shirt makes green eyes pop? It's the reflection. So if you're shooting light colored eyes and there's a blue sky point those beautiful blues upwards and the eyes will shine! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Appreciate It...

I often say I'm in the business of "love." I consistently get to work with couples that are head over heels for each other and I re-fall in love with my work time and time again. So isn't it fitting that one of the most useful books I've read was the "Five Love Languages!" Where I, and millions of others have found that perhaps that sappy Hallmark card was just the ticket to show care for your sister while was a total insult to your best friend. Upon reading that one of the love-languages is "Gifts."  I gotta be honest my first thought when I read that was: "That's not me, I'm not shallow. I'm a laid-back, don't need much to be happy kinda girl." Well, I sheepishly chuckled to myself (In only a way that you can when reading a book by yourself) (: that one of the examples (which was totally said in sarcasm) was: (paraphrase) You're a gifts person when someone could literally give you a rock and you'd not only be ecstatic but still have it in your dresser drawer.  Well...I have a rock. It's from the "moon." And by that I mean my then hunky boyfriend (now even more handsome husband) went on a trip to Arizona and his gift upon his return to me was this ugly jagged stone that came from the street. Well, I loved it! Only you gifts people will understand that. Okay, here's a more practical one. In college during an extra stressful time again that cute boyfriend of mine came in with a grande Carmel Frappucino (My all time fav!) with writings of love all over the outside of the cup. And not only that but it was hand delivered, as a surprise, in the middle of my class, by him! You see why I kept him!? (: Now some may have needed a pep-talk to get through that week, some may have needed a hug of consolement, While I....Well, I just needed coffee. (:

All this to say that upon finding out that there's a new book out "The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace." with the same premise but in a work-place context I was stoked. And even more excited that the co-author, Dr. Paul White was going to be the key-note speaker at the next event I was shooting.

(Again, I LOVE my job!) (:

It was a breath of fresh air. Amidst me trying to keep brides from last straw breakdowns it was wonderful to learn new ways in which I can show my clients (You guys!) just how much I genuinely appreciate your business, your support, and in all cheesy-ness your friendships along the way. So you should check out the book! Or... if your a business owner may look into having Dr. White come and speak to you all. He's witty, practical, and just may be the missing link to finding appreciation from your clients, co-workers, and employees.

I was telling my parents how my shoot went with Dr. White and all the highlights when my dad says: "Oh yeah, we do that book." My dad runs Oasis Audio where books are made into Audio. So whether you have a long commute and would like to pass the time, or a flight and want to hear it on your ipad you can get it from them!

Here's the link if you wanna check it out:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Introducing Zachary John...

This post says Introducing Zachary John but I may as well call it "Introducing The Most Chilled Out Baby Ever." Newborn shoots can be tricky. We gotta pump the heat ridiculously high, and for those of us who weren't just in a womb a week ago are typically dying of heat. Between feedings, crying sessions, and avoiding the naked baby pee stream we generally have a solid 10 minutes to get our shots. Today? We pretty much had all the time in the world. I've heard it said that babies take on the vibe that the parents give off and I wasn't too sold on that theory till today. My previous bride & groom, now parents Ian & Jennifer are as laid back as you get. While most new parents are re-sanitizing the door knobs these two are laughing as their pups lick Zach's tiny face. (I'm on board with them by the way) 
 So I'm not surprised that their lil' man is such a dream baby. 
Love shooting for my previous couples and love shooting babies like this! (: 

Okay... Ian & Jen kinda have 3 kids. Their dogs were top priority till Zach came around. Love how the "whole fam" is nestled on the couch. We didn't plant the dogs like that by the way. So cute! (: 

Friday, March 2, 2012


What do you get when you have a wedding with 400 people, the mascot of University of Wisconsin , as well as their marching band? One of the best moments of my career!!! It was a surprise to the former mascot (AKA the groom) and I for sure did not see what all was about to go down comin'...

Do not be fooled by the band's cardigans.... Holy base drums batman! My insides were thumpin' harder then when a thuggin' low rider drives past my house.  There were dudes playing trombones on their heads....Bucky the badger was full on breakdancing. And for anyone that's ever been a Bulls fan they played the entrance song so loud that when the crowd of 400 yelled "HEY!" the place full on RUMBLED!  I was officially freaking out with giddyness at this point. I felt like I was battling the crowd that rushes the field after the last tick of the timer during the championship game. For me to get the shots I just had to hold the cameras as high as I could and just push! At one point we had the entire "Village People" crew in full garb. I mean, they cut their wedding cake with a 3ft sword for goodness sakes! This was a party!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVED it!! 

"Na Na Na Na Na... HEY! Na Na Na Na Na....Na Na Na Na Na...HEY! 

Best party EVER! Thank you Troy (aka best Bucky the badger of all time!) and Grace for having me be a part of your day. It truly will be one that I will never forget! And now that we know we're neighbors we'll have to grill out when the weather gets nice. (: