Saturday, January 5, 2013

16 In Counting...

I loved this idea. They got all the cousins together and they wore t-shirts with the number in which they are in the order of he family. So cute! Sometimes when things don't go as planned or a toddler well, acts like a toddler during the photos you end up with what I think can be some of he cutest pics of all. (I'm sure mortified parents would beg to differ) But at least it gives us good photo sabotage when I shoot their weddings in 25 years. (:

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  1. Hahahahaha Missy! Sooo glad you had a sense of humor about it all AND you have some serious photo and photoSHOP skills! You shoud win a MAJOR award for the photos you managed to give us! You saved the day! Thank you!!! Savotage is where the real $$$ is ;) you've got the job in about 25 years...30 if I get my way ;) Thank you Missy!!!